Personal Portfolio

Welcome to my personal portfolio of technology and game-related projects. Here you’ll find a sample of my work under each header. I have provided video, audio, conceptual, and game samples.


Video Work
Audio Work
Conceptual Work
Game Development
Business & Project Management



Destiny – In 5 Minutes
The “In 5 Minutes” format was designed to give gamers a better idea of what they need to know, so they can digest the information to adapt their busy lifestyle. I am particularly proud of this video as it concisely covers all need-to-know game information within the specified time window.


Noctua Unboxing & Installation
This video, while longer, gives a detailed overview and guide on installing a CPU cooler in a desktop gaming computer. This is my most popular video, netting over 44K views as of August 2018.


Leap of Fate – Review
This video takes the form of a game review, with commentary on top of gameplay footage. After developing a relationship with the developer, I was able to get detailed information on the game, access to an alpha and beta build, and provide an unbiased opinion based on my experiences.

For more 2XP Gaming videos, see the 2XP Gaming YouTube channel

For my personal channel, see this link.


Spartan Talk


The Spartan Talk podcast was a short-run Halo podcast, focusing on lore and Halo news. With one other collaborator, several episodes were produced discussing Halo lore from the beginning of the franchise and the launch of Halo 5: Guardians. You can listen to our first episode below.

EP001: Into the Breach



LANfinder is a mobile app concept that I developed in 2017. While the application was never developed, a full wireframe document was. I feel that this wireframe showcases my critical thinking and planning skills. Several screenshots are available below. The full wireframe is available upon request.

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A demo reel of our Global Game Jam 2019 game, Dischord. Dischord is a 3D game in which the player is confronted with both comforting and dissonant sound and visuals to navigate the world on a quest to find home. The further the player is from home, the more dissonant the sounds and art become.

GGJ Link: 


Alex Cole: Sound Implementation
Michael Hudak: Composer
Dwezil D’souza: Music & Programming
Dan Halma: Music
Erik Van Horn: 3D Art & Modeling
Justin Oswald: Project Management
Jillian Harvan: Storyboards
Jesse Cuce: Concept Art
Phil Simmons: Programming
Victoria Waring: 2D Art

Comp Hero (CLI)

This was my first script-based program (other than Hello World, of course). The program is a text-based game surrounding workers’ compensation. Fun subject, right? The game allows players to create a player name and choose outcomes for three questions. The game lacks branching paths or scoring. The concept of this game was to create something simple and for me to get used to C#. I have deleted proprietary information from the screenshots.

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Comp Hero (Adobe Captivate)

Using the scenarios from the Comp Hero (CLI) game, I used our eLearning software (Adobe Captivate) to program a game for learning purposes. The game utilizes various advanced actions, variables, and logic to determine if a learner has completed the questions correctly. Answering all questions correctly will allow the learner to finish the course. Confidential and/or proprietary information has been redacted from the screen shots.

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Currently in development

3D “collect items” game designed in Unity with C#.. Currently one level completed and I will be working on adding two more levels when time allows. This is to get me used to both Unity3D and scripting.

Business & Project Management

Agile & Scrum Training


Agile & Scrum slide deck

This presentation was given to my team after the completion of my Certified ScrumMaster program. Our team was fairly new to agile concepts so I wanted to help them understand agile and Scrum and how it would apply to our team. Confidential information has been removed.

Project Management Refresher Training

Project Management - 2018 Summit_clean

Project Management Refresher Training slide deck

This presentation was given to my team during our annual summit. The presentation was customized to our teams current and past practices, along with introducing concepts of agile and product ownership. Confidential information has been removed.