Dev Spotlight Contact

2XP Gaming is always looking to talk with developers, both small and large, and give them an outlet to show off their games to the community. Our Developer Spotlight program allows developers to submit a request to 2XP for an interview with the developer on their game or to submit to us a version of your game for review. No developer is too small or large to take part in this program.

If you are requesting an interview, we will review your submission and contact you via e-mail to arrange a video, audio, or written interview.

If you are submitting a version of your game for review, we will play your game and submit an honest and objective review to our YouTube channel and website. Be advised that we are only capable of downloading and reviewing games on PC, Xbox One, and iOS at this time.

2XP Honest Reviews Policy
2XP Gaming does not do sponsored game reviews. This means that we do not accept compensation, in any form, to review your game. We feel that this leads to biased reviews. Our viewers expect our honest opinion. If we like your game, we will tell our viewers what we like about it. If we don’t like your game, we will tell our viewers why and give suggestions on how we think it could improve. The only thing that we “allow” our developer contacts to “fix” in our review would be any factual errors or any branding errors (change logo, provide different video/image assets, etc.). We hope that you understand and agree with this approach. If you do not agree to our “unbiased review policy” we respectfully ask that you do not submit this form.