The Rise & Fall of Halo Online

Halo Online... we barely knew ye. The game was a short-lived, free-to-play multiplayer PC game developed for the Russian market. The game was cancelled in 2016, yet it still existed due to the ElDewrito mod/plugin. A team of community members and developers continued working on Halo Online and ElDewrito, making various enhancements and changes. In … Continue reading The Rise & Fall of Halo Online

Responses to the Bungie Community Summit

If you're a Destiny 2 fan, you probably know that Bungie recently held a two-day community summit at their studio to discuss the current and future state of the game. Community leaders from around the land flocked to Bellevue to meet with the development team. There are several recaps of the summit available on Reddit … Continue reading Responses to the Bungie Community Summit

Men in Kilts (and Bungie Tour)

If you're a follower of Bungie Studios, you're probably aware of the Bungie Foundation. If not, the Bungie Foundation aims to reduce distress and suffering in children through entertainment. Their philosophy states that: The team at Bungie is grateful for the opportunity to do something we love for the enjoyment of our fans. Our successes … Continue reading Men in Kilts (and Bungie Tour)

Destiny 2 Dev Roadmap & DLC Announced

Is Destiny 2 news really news anymore? I for one think, yes. Today, Bungie announced an updated roadmap and the name of their spring DLC: Warmind. Let's break it down a bit. Current State - 1.1.4The current build of Destiny 2, what Bungie calls "Go Fast", was recently deployed. The Go Fast update was touted … Continue reading Destiny 2 Dev Roadmap & DLC Announced