Honest Reviews Policy

2XP Gaming prides itself on honest reviews for hardware, software, and other tech reviews. Understanding that everyone in the world has preferences and opinions, we strive to let the facts rule the day when we publish content. In the spirit of complete transparency, here is our Honest Reviews Policy.

Do We Make Money? Sometimes.

2XP Gaming is a small, but growing, online content creator and curator. Up until 2018, we were part of the YouTube partner program. We earned money from ad revenue on our videos. Due to new changes with YouTube’s partner program, we are currently not eligible for ad revenue.

We Don’t Do Sponsored Reviews… Ever.

2XP Gaming does not do sponsored reviews. This means that we do not accept compensation, in any form, to review a game, piece of hardware, etc. Accepting money to review someones product can be illegal in some circumstances and also leads to biased reviews.

Sponsored Builds Are OK

Since we are a small group we do not receive, nor do we solicit currently, any requests to do a “sponsored build” in which a company sends us a bunch of equipment to put together and show off some pretty sweet tech. If we get large enough, we do plan on soliciting this type of business and do plan on making money from it. Here’s why it is ok to do so.

The videos will be clearly marked as sponsored by the provider. We retain the rights to provide our honest feedback and opinions of the products used in the build. These sponsors get no special treatment. Furthermore, if the product is being used in the build we will likely avoid doing a separate video about it in the future to avoid potential bias.

Review Samples Are OK Too

Since we are a small group we do not receive, nor do we currently expect to receive, review samples. However, if we do happen to get lucky and get a “loaner” product to review, it will be disclosed in the video. A loaner product is great because it allows us to get hands on time with something, provide an accurate and honest review, and return the product to the company. We have no plans to request “keeper” products at this time.

Honest Opinions, No Matter What

Our viewers expect our honest opinions of a product based on our testing, hands-on impressions, and the like. If we like your game or product, we will tell our viewers what we like about it. If we don’t like your game or product, we will tell our viewers why and give suggestions on how we think it could improve.

The only thing that we “allow” our contacts to “fix” in our review would be any factual errors or any branding errors (change logo, provide different video/image assets, etc.). If a contact does not agree to this, we don’t do the review. Simple as that.