Destiny 2 Dev Roadmap & DLC Announced

Is Destiny 2 news really news anymore? I for one think, yes. Today, Bungie announced an updated roadmap and the name of their spring DLC: Warmind. Let’s break it down a bit.

Current State – 1.1.4

The current build of Destiny 2, what Bungie calls “Go Fast”, was recently deployed. The Go Fast update was touted by Bungie as a major change to the game’s sandbox and features.

  • Weapon/Ability sandbox changes
  • Iron Banner 6v6
  • Weekly Crucible playlist: Mayhem/Rumble
  • Crucible ammo and gameplay tuning
  • Crucible quitter penalties
  • Repeat Crucible/Strike map protection
  • Exotic repetition reduction
  • Nightfall Strike-specific rewards
  • Companion app: vendor viewing

Warmind – 1.2.0

While not much has been said about the Warmind DLC, we know a few things. We know Bungie plans to live stream the Warmind DLC trailer on April 24th. We can also surmise that the DLC will deal with the Golden Age Warmind technology (like Rasputin).

With the DLC, we will have a host of enhancements and changes to the game such as:

  • Seasonal Crucible rankings
  • Private matches
  • Vault expansion
  • Multi-emote picker
  • Exotic weapon Masterworks
  • Seasonal vendor progression
  • Exotic weapon sandbox changes
  • Heroic Strike modifiers
  • Nightfall challenge cards
  • Crucible maps for everyone, not just those who purchased the DLC

Summer Update

The Summer update does not have an anticipated date, yet. The list of enhancements with this update are very few and very broad, but include:

  • A new seasonal event
  • Faction Rallies improvements
  • Bounties
  • PC clan chat
  • Exotic armor sandbox changes

Season 4 – September 2018

The Season 4 update is slated for September, one year after Destiny 2 launched. Typically, this is when the game comes out with a major expansion. We are unsure if the Season 4 update will come with an expansion or not. On the punch list for this update:

  • Gear collections
  • Records (possibly meaning record books?)
  • Weapon slot changes (could this mean primary and secondary slots return?)
  • Weapon randomization (random rolls?)

Will we still be playing?

Understandably, Destiny 2 has been losing player counts and getting a lot of flak due to a variety of changes since the inaugural game of the series. Bungie has been a constant state of “catch up” since the game’s release. Admittedly, communication has been getting better as time goes on and the ideas seem ambitious. Will they pull it off?

I know that I’ll be dropping by the game once I complete the Far Cry 5 story to see how 1.1.4 went. I’ll also be playing the Warmind DLC since I have the season pass. I’m really hoping that Bungie can breath some life into a game that had high expectations, beautiful art and sound design, and a continuation on a game we loved.

See you then!


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