And We’re Back… Again…

Hey there Interwebs! Rek1aimer here from 2XP Gaming! Well, here’s another “we’re back” post where we promise to bring you more regular content and be nice to you and love you dearly. Well, two out of those things are true. We do love you dearly and we want to be nice to you ❤ – The regular content though, not so much.

What is going on?

If you’ve followed us for any period of time, you probably noticed that we fell off the face of the earth sometime last year after PAX East. I’d love to come up with a lot of awesome excuses, but there really isn’t a good one for you. I think that basically, we got tired. The gaming content market was, and still is, saturated. We were spending money on equipment, money on tech to review, money on ad space and it wasn’t getting us anywhere. I think we all kind of said “what’s the point” and stopped making regular content. We had a few videos here and there, but that was about it.

Where are we now?

Even though we stopped putting ourselves out there, we didn’t suffer too much from an audience retention standpoint. We lost about 200 Twitter followers, about 5 Twitch followers, and website views went down. Surprisingly, we gained over 100 YouTube subscribers and about 30 Instagram followers. With practically zero new content. Explain that one Internets!

A few days ago, I decided to check our stats on YouTube and was surprised to see that we gained more audience, have about 200 new video views a day, and have some really (really) popular videos out there. I then decided that it would be worth it to revive our channel and website, with a catch.

Alright, so now what?

In short, we plan on making new content. I can promise that it won’t be regular, but there will be new content. When we happen to have a new piece of tech, or a game that we really, really like, or we want to teach you how to do something we will make a video. We will write a companion article on this website for you to read as well. We will tweet more and sometimes post on Instagram. That’s what is happening. Rejoice!

In all seriousness, my personal opinion is when we tried this before we tried too hard. We wanted so badly to break the “game ceiling” that we did whatever we could to put out content, even if it wasn’t the best thing. Instead, I’d rather film about things I really like and that I feel will help others. We hope that you agree too.

So, be sure to check our YouTube, Twitter, and Insta from time to time. You may just see something you like! See you soon!


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