Leap of Fate: where are they now?

At PAX East 2015, we interviewed Clever-Plays Studios about their upcoming “hack-and-slash rogue-like” game “Leap of Fate.” You can see the original video at the end of the article. Now, almost a year later, we check back with the developer to see how things are coming along.

While Leap of Fate is still in development, the release of the game is near. It has been on Steam Early Access since August 2015 and they are planning their full launch this March. The roster of playable characters is nearly complete with the fourth and final character, Rasimov, being released on 1/15/2016. They are also planning a major UI overhaul in mid-Feburary, along with all of the cinematic and other narrative content of the game. You can get more details on the plans for LoF in 2016 here. 

We were given a copy of the beta to play and Rek1aimer took some time the last few nights to check it out. Overall, the game takes a really interesting approach to progression. Moving through different “waves” in your current level by going through your card deck give you an option to pick your path towards the next level. The game utilizes a “risk-reward” system by giving you an option to do more difficult challenges for better loot. Having four characters gives you the ability to learn the lore behind each of them and use different abilities against your foes.

Rek1aimer had the unique opportunity to test this with both keyboard and mouse at his desktop, but also using the Steam Link and Steam Controller. Keyboard and mouse seems to be the more “fluid” option and provides the best keybindings opposed to the Steam Controller. We didn’t test it with an Xbox controller but our guess is the bindings for the Xbox controller probably end up working out very well compared to the Steam one (at least at the time of this writing).

Another thing we want to point out is the cutscene graphics. They are pretty darn awesome! The artistic, comic book-like styling of the scenes are done very well. And while they aren’t in motion (still image with focusing), they provide some nice eye candy to go along with the lore of your character.

So keep your eyes peeled on this one! It looks like you’ll have a pretty fun game to play in March. If you cannot wait until then, head on over to their Steam page and get in on the Early Access! For $15.99 USD, the amount of content meets the price point and we would rate this as a “buy.”


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