New year, new site, new content

It’s a brand new year! In April 2016, 2XP Gaming will be two years old. That’s right, terrible twos. We plan on throwing tantrums all up in this Internet. To celebrate our two year anniversary, we’ve utilized SquareSpace as our new web host. It seems like their content creation is very easy, they have great SEO and metrics viewers, and their templates are super easy to manage. Our plan is to keep it here until we have a better solution, if we ever find one.

If you’ve noticed, we have been very inactive these last few months. We have recorded a new Spartan Talk in almost three months, video uploads have gone down to about one or two a month, and our social media presence has been lacking. For that, we apologize. Life got very busy for us in the latter part of 2015. Some of us had new jobs, others had new responsibilities, and some were just plan lazy over the holidays. Rest assured that Mudcat, Capt_Jock, and I are dedicated to bringing you refreshed content.

In line with refreshed content, Mudcat and I will be working on getting a new Spartan Talk out this month. We may go from weekly to bi-weekly, but if it means we can sustain regular content production for your listening pleasure, I think it is worth the move. More will follow in the coming days. We are also launching a new video series called 2XPTech. The focus on 2XPTech will be technology gear, guides, and educational content for people of all skill-sets. We have found that our technology videos are the most popular so we are making sure to give our audience regular content in that regard.

Next, let’s talk about updated gear. I just dropped a lot of money into some equipment to give our audience better videos. Namely, a Canon T6i DSLR video creator kit and some softbox lights. Adobe CC will be rounding out my editing kit, replacing Sony Vegas Studio. This means we are getting into professional quality stuff guys and gals! There will be a learning curve but my hope is that we will have consistently high-quality videos uploaded for you. This means 1080p content on all videos (used to be 720p) and 1080p 60fps on all gameplay recordings. Woot!

Finally, I want to give you some insight into our social media presence. We start 2016 with a renewed sense of obligation to our audience to keep you updated with our happenings and produce content, in written, video, or audio form, consistently. To that end, we promise to have more presence on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms than we did the last few months.

2016 is here and brings us exciting new games, products, and opportunities to give you meaningful content. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

Until next time, this is Rek1aimer. Bye!

P.S. – The four of us (Capt_Jock, Mudcat, drkatzenberg, and I) will be going to PAX East 2016 for the entire three days! We snagged passes in the 10 minute window in which they sold out! How lucky? 


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