Kingdom Come: Deliverance – dev interview

Recently, we were given the opportunity to talk with Warhorse Studios, the developer behind the project Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This game is one of the most highly-funded crowdfunded games out there, raising over $2.2 million with over 44,000 backers. Furthermore, the developers are veterans of the game industry and include former 2K, Altar, and Bohemia devs working on the project. The game community is very excited for the upcoming game, as are we. Our Developer Liaison, Bryan, spoke with Jiri Rydl about the project.

Bryan: What gave you the idea for Kingdom Come?
Jiri Rydl: It was Dan’s idea to make a story from medieval times in Bohemia. Especially the 15th century was interesting due to the changes in society.

B: What are you trying to achieve with it?
JR: We want to invite you to the world without spells and dragons, but still very magical and dangerous. Welcome to the quiet village of Samopesh in the middle of the Roman Empire!

B: How did the kickstarter come to be?
JR: We offered the game to publishers, but they were afraid of the novelty of completely new approaches to the RPG genre. Luckily, gamers were not afraid and backed the project with $1.8M. Thank you all!

B: Any idea of the size of the game, future installments, or DLC? How did you achieve the beautiful look of the game and do you have any idea on the minimum PC requirements?
JR: It is too soon to tell, but we speak about games of similar requirements as Witcher 3 for instance. We use Cryengine, a powerful tool capable of handling all the graphics and scripts we throw at it. Of course, there is a huge amount of work with our graphic artists!

B: What kind of customization is there?
JR: You play as poor smith Henry, who lost his family. On your way for revenge you can change your clothes, weaponry, and train your skills. In the end you can become a powerful warrior or sneaky thief, it’s up to you!

B: Is there any multiplayer or co-op?
JR: Unfortunately not, we focus on a strong single-player experience instead.

B: What platforms will the game be releasing on and when is the release date?
JR: PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Hopefully we will release in December 2015

We want to thank Jiri and the Warhorse dev team for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak with us. You can get more information about the game and funding here. You can also follow them on Twitter @WarhorseStudios for all the latest updates. You’ll also find some videos of the game below, they are certainly impressive!

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