SCUF ONE Red review


For my Scuf, I decided to go with a few options. The first being the “pro gamer grip” which adds a nice, sweat-resistant grip to the handles and back of the handles for the controller. I also got two paddles with the Electro Magnetic Remap (EMR) feature, which allows you to adjust your paddles on-the-fly. I did not purchase the trigger stops or upgraded thumbsticks. I honestly don’t think I’ll need them.


Overall, with shipping, I paid about $210 USD for this configuration. This is pretty hefty for just a grip and the EMR function; however, I think it will pay off in the long run since I really care about my gaming experience. There are several teams and players out there with 5% or 10% off codes. Optic is one of them.


I was impressed with the professional and minimalist design of the packaging. Everything was secure, packaged appropriately, and gave a nice clean look upon arrival. I also received an Xbox Live Gold 2-day pass!


After a few hours using the Scuf, I can say that it was everything I wanted. I noticed that this grip is barely noticable, yet keeps my hands where they need to be. I did not find myself having to adjust my grip. I also found myself not running into problems where I hit the wrong button because my controller moved ever so slightly with my hands. The bumpers are everything that the pros love them for. Being able to keep both my thumbs on the sticks, while pressing a bumper to melee or jump is paying off. I found myself being able to stay on target and melee an enemy, ready to follow up with a shot if the melee didn’t take. I still notice myself moving my thumbs to press buttons assigned to bumpers, but I’m chalking that up to muscle memory. A few more hours and I’m sure I won’t know what gaming was like on a regular controller anymore.

Final Thoughts

There is a reason the pros use Scuf controllers. They are built well, operate the way they should, and give you those milliseconds needed to make a difference between winning and losing. With most pro gamers using Scuf (or equivalent) controllers, you have a decision to make. Are you a casual gamer that doesn’t really aspire to play in competition with others? If so, then you should stick with the regular controller. Or are you a gamer enthusiast or wannabe pro that wants to get on the same level as the others and take your game to the next level? If so, go with a Scuf. You won’t be disappointed.


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