NZXT sleeved LED kit review

I purchased this item off Amazon for less than $20 as I wanted to give my computer some extra lighting and really have it stand out at home and at events. The price was right and it seemed easy enough to install. The product is basically a flexible strip of LED lights sheathed in a flexible black cover. It has a PCB which goes into one of your open PCI slots on the back of your rig (doesn’t get plugged into a PCI slot though). I went with the 2M length; however, there is a 1M length available. The item comes in several colors but I chose red to go with my computer’s “theme.”

Installation was a breeze. I simply picked where I wanted the LED’s to be housed and ran it along the perimeter of my side-window. I once I confirmed placement, I used the included adhesive clips and mounted it to the chassis. I then plugged the lights into the PCB and turned on the computer. These lights are bright! Even on the lowest setting, the LEDs give a nice ambient glow which lights up the internal components and shows everything off.

For something that was less than $20, these lights are well worth the money. There is no hassle to installation and the end results really make your computer shine, literally. If you are interested in learning more, here is a link to the NZXT website:


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